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Sr Maria Sebastion - Life Coach

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We help to empower the unfulfilled, traumatised and disappointed for a transformed life for better tomorrow. We help, support and equip people to find their voice and place in the world for their full potentials in life.

As your coach, I will guide and provide you with tools and techniques that is totally unique. An experience designed to transform and change your life for better future moving from where you are now to where you would want to be. All about your concerns, your aspirations and your future. We offer our services via online and face to face session.

God bless
Sr Sebastian

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Personal coaching

Do you feel stuck or burden in your job, relationship or some other situations that makes you feel unhappy and meaningless but not sure what to do or how to go about it? Do you feel on a crossroads unclear on what to do? Feeling frustrated, inability to set goals or develop ways and strategies for achieving those goals? Feel challenged by traumatic life experience that stands as a block on your way? Whatever your personal challenges are there is better solution to them.


Confidence building

Do you feel daunted that you cannot cope with the challenges facing you at home in the workplace? Do you lack self-confidence and motivation of doing things that you think you should do? Are you feeling sense of lost because of circumstance and situations?
Lack of confidence and trust in oneself can be crippling. It can blind your future and stops you from moving forward, keeps you in toxic situation that can seize your opportunities and thwarts you at every turn. It creates a self –reinforcing cycle where negative feelings take progressively stronger hold over your life. You need to build your confidence to start a new life and enjoy your opportunities in life.


Stress management

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with the demands in the workplace and homes? Are you having difficult times in your relationships, family life, colleagues at work or other relations? Are you burden by the challenge of changed jobs, moving away from home for the first time, moving to a new house or relocating to a different place? Are you worried about returning to work after sick leave or holiday? Are you generally feeling that activities in life is getting too much on you?


Career development

Love your career but unsure on where to begin or how to continue? confused to be self-employed or be an employee or take a complete break from work life. Are you stacked in a job rut, you want to explore new opportunities, make new friends, and get your power working again? Clear of what you want, but needs help on how to get started or lack motivation? Are you confronted with challenges in your career or current role but unsure on how best to tackle them? Is your job charging fast that makes you feel you are struggling to meet up? Are you near to your retirement and afraid of handling that transition to a new normal? Are you feeling natural transition in life, menopause, adulthood, and parenting?
We can support you to get to where you want to be, we will guide, coach and mentor you on your career journey. Help you to approach your challenges with a better sense of direction, which would transform you skills into achievement, bringing the best out of you and helping you overcome the various obstacles that block your way.


Corporate coaching

Are you working in a corporate world and keen to improve your management and leadership skills. Do you need help for your team in management, leadership, capacity building and personal effectiveness?

Fundraising coaching: Passion for the poor, marginalised and vulnerable of the society. Do you feel you are called to support the poor in the world?

Managing change: divert to constant restructuring? Are you are concerned about getting teams in for your latest change programme?

Work life working: Feels you need help to cope with anxiety and stress? Working so hard to make ends meet but feels have no time to enjoy life? A long list of to do’s 7 days a week? No time to socialise and be with your family, friends and relatives and feeling guilty of neglecting your family duties because of workload? Life is becoming busier fill on with ongoing activities that strive. You need to strike the balance and feel relieved.



"A feeling of lost, restlessness, worry and uneasiness of uncertainty"
Anxiety coaching a step by step technique to help you overcome your anxiety and get back to the best person you can be because you deserve the best for your life.
Anxiety coaching
. Gives you back control
. Regain balance in your life
. Get hold of your confidence
. Bring positivity into your life
. Gives you inner peace and joy
. Keep you on track and reduce over thinking or stressed

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. Personal Coaching
. Confidence building
. Stress Management
. Career Development
. Corporate Coaching
. Anxiety

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